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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Soboro Bento

This can be found at Marukai or stores that sell Asian foods.  Comes in
a two-pack.  There are other brands. Find in refrigerated section.

This is a lunch that Auntie Agnes fixed for me when I visited her.  It was yummy, AND so simple.  Isn't it pretty?  A bowl of rice, topped with flaked salmon, a seasoned scrambled egg, and a green shiso (or perilla) pickle.  I think she garnished with some strips or pieces of nori (seaweed). 

So here it is for one serving:
  • I large bowl of hot rice
  • flaked salmon (tuna?)
  • pickled shiso, or could also use cut up green beans, carrots, spinach cooked until tender
  • egg, seasoned with a little soy and a pinch of sugar, scrambled into fine bits.  (1 egg is enough for two bowls.)
  • nori, either in strips or torn into small pieces
And there you have it.  😋  Enjoy!